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Tiger Woods crash was purely an accident, say authorities

The crash incident that involved golfer Tiger Woods has been termed by Los Angeles County Sheriff as ‘purely an accident’ ruling out criminal charges.

Speaking about the accident was Alex Villanueva who said investigations revealed that Woods was not in any way impaired by drugs or any form of alcohol consumption.

at the time of the crash, Woods was in the car alone before he crossed to the other lane causing multiple leg injuries that required immediate surgery.

Investigators also confirmed that he was in no way over speeding and if the road was found unsafe then authorities in-charge of it will be held liable.

Another set of investigators are seeking to get blood samples to effectively rule out alcohol and drugs as cause of accident.

They will also seeks to a warrant to check Tiger Woods phone data to establish if he was distracted at the time and also extract the car’s black box to heck any records of over speeding.

Back in 2017, the golfer was arrested on charges of DUI after police found him asleep in his car with the engine running.

He admitted adverse reaction of drugs he was using before admitting to reckless driving. He later on checked into a clinic to get help on sleep disorder and prescription medicine.

The 15 major champion winner has suffered another set as he was on a roll winning five tittle as at 2013 before undergoing a back surgery in 2014.

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