Wednesday, June 23, 2021

TikTok and WeChat banned from US app stores from Sunday

World messaging and video sharing applications TikTok and WeChat will be off US app stores come Sunday.

The news was confirmed by the US Department of Commerce who are adhering to an order issued by President Donald Trump.

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Bothe companies are accused of secretly tapping user data thus posing a security threat as revealed by President Donald Trump.

TikTok and WeChat have both come out to defend themselves from the allegations saying the data transferred is totally secured and that they do not access it too.

Vital information including users data, location, browser and search history are reported to be fetched by the companies according to the Department of Commerce.

Their only was out of the ban will be if they ink a deal with a US company and only then will Trump reverse his decision.

Million of users transact through WeChat which has generated alot of fame other than messaging. The same popularity has been recorded by TikTok.

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