Tuesday, August 9, 2022

TikToker Aq9ine admitted in hospital after eating a spider

Kenyan TikToker and content creator Aq9ine has been admitted in serious condition after consuming a spider.

Revealing the news was Aq9ine himself who took to Instagram saying his body temperature rose to 48℃ and experienced a burning sensation in his chest.

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A day before he was hospitalized, the TikToker took to social media to reveal his swollen face as he asked Kenyans to pray for him. He was scratching his hands as well in an attempt to sooth the pain he was in.

“Guys make your last prayers kabla niende. Mniombe tu bana mi naend. Naskia ni kama sina uso, nimefura kila mahali. Nimedishi spider bana and this is happening to my whole face,” said the content creator

He continued by thanking his followers for entertaining them just incase this was his last time on earth.

“If this is my last video, it has been fun entertaining you and risking my life as well..I love risks coz we live a risk. Much love comrades.” Said Aq9ine

Kenyans took on social media to hit on the content creator over his experimental dishes but he remained confident that he will continue cooking daring dishes after he recovers including snakes and frogs.

“Uzuri yangu sitawai wapostia Till munichangie pesa ya hospitali. Bora mnipromise nikikufa mtapull up kwa mazishi yangu Kenya mzima na msaidie familia yangu kupanga mazishi.” said the TokToker

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