Top Tanzanian singer forced to refund dowry

Tanzania first rising singer by the name Lulu Diva has been on the receiving end after her fiance of 3 years demanded his dowry.

The two were rumoured to tie the knot last year but rumours spread across the social media that she was

cheating her fiance with a top Tanzanian musician.

Last year September,Lulu suffered an embarrassment after her fiance reclaimed a Mercedes Benz he had bought her when love was in the air.

She has since confirmed that she paid back the dowry although she blames his brother for “Misleading him”

In September a source reveled that when Lulu Diva and singer Madee were driving from a restaurant in Dar es salaam,the ex-lover drove past them only to block them ahead.He then called out to be handed the keys to the Mercedes Benz he had bought her.

He went further to explain that he was the  one that bought the car,and since they were no longer an item,he wanted it back.It was an embarrassing moment for her as her outfit made it difficult for her to walk.

Madee and Lulu were later able to call a taxi to drive them home.

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