Sunday, July 3, 2022

Tough times for Kenyans as Ugali prices are set to rise

Kenyans are set for tougher times ahead as prices of Maize floor in the country is set to rise amid the ongoing political season.

This follows confirmation from millers who have cited shortage in the maize supply as they accused neighbouring countries of hoarding the precious commodity.

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A 2kg packet of maize floor which currently retails at Ksh 140 is expected to rise to Ksh 200 making it more difficult for Kenyans to put a meal in the table amid rising cost of cooking oil.

Some of the millers have confirmed that the government is aware of the situation and have done nothing despite them not receiving maize stocks for the last three days. They are now planning of importing the stock from neighbouring countries.

Tanzania one of the countries supplying Kenya is reported to have cut the supply an dhike the price of a bag of maize from Ksh 4,000 to Ksh 5,800.

The news comes at a time when manufacturing companies in the country have raised an alarm over the shortage of the Dollar in the country.

The shortage has forced them to delay clearance of their goods at the port and loose stock to other competitors from other countries. This is contrary to the Central Bank of Kenya which confirmed adequate supply of the currency.

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Slavian Mwangecho
Slavian Mwangecho
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