Twitter shuts down several accounts in Asia and Middle East

Social media giants Twitter has shut down several accounts suspected to be spreading propaganda in Saudi Arabia and China.

The twitter accounts affected are those from the United Arab Emirates and Egypt directed to Qatar with others from China.

Many of the accounts closed in China are said to be fueling the ongoing protest in Hong Kong as the social media giants close its ties with the associated users.

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Central America was not spared either as accounts impersonating government entities were shut down on Friday.

Last month Facebook shut several accounts from Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia believed to spreading false information among others from Asia.

Facebook also stepped to protect government entities from scammers manipulating people through the use of government names.

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Qatar came under fire from Middle East countries in 2017 including the likes of Saudi Arabia following the death of reporter Jamal Khashoggi.

In Asia and UAE, a total of 8,000 have been shut down as at the day ending Friday to cool the political temperatures around the world.

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