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Two arrested in Isiolo with one AK47 and two hand grenades

Two people have been arrested by detectives manning the Duma-Yamicha road after they intercepted a Toyota Probox occupied by the two.

Two hand grenades, one AK47 rifle and 128 rounds of ammunition were recovered from the incident as confirmed by DCI Kenya.

“One AK47 rifle, 128 rounds of ammunition and two hand grenades were last night seized and two men arrested in Merti, Isiolo County, when detectives patrolling Duma-Yamicha Road intercepted a Toyota Probox occupied by the two.” Said DCI

A joint effort between the police and DCI detectives began a hot pursuit of the vehicle after it refused to stop and instead sped off.

Along the way they opened fire to the police who in turn fired back before they were finally corned and forced to surrender.

“Spotting two suspicious vehicles both make Toyota Probox, the joint team of officers from DCI Merti and Yamicha Police Post signaled them to stop, but instead the two vehicles sped off.

A hot pursuit ensued, before two occupants in one of the cars, Reg. No. KCY 576H opened fire at the officers, a move that triggered an exchange of rapid shots in self-defense.

Cornered, the suspects surrendered and were arrested, where a search in their car saw the recovery of the said exhibits, including five magazines & 9 magazine pouches, a military jungle belt, two mobile phones and several pen knives.

The other vehicle managed to get away, but detectives are on sharp lookout for it. Meanwhile, the arrested suspects; Abdi Fatah Ibrahim and Yusuf Mohamed are undergoing interrogations, with the Bomb Disposal Unit and Anti-Terrorism Police Unit pursuing the case.” Said DCI

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