Two arrested in Nairobi hacking NTSA and TIMS system

Detectives from the Digital Forensic and Special crime Unit have on Friday arrested two people hacking the NTSA database and TIMS system.

The two were caught active on the systems in Ngara, Nairobi before they were arrested.

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“Earlier today, a team of Digital Forensic Experts and Serious Crime Unit detectives working on intelligence raided an office in Ngara within Nairobi County.

Upon gaining entry, the team found two suspected hackers actively on the NTSA database and TIMS system.”

An NTSA employee in the call center identified as Antony Rugut was aiding the hackers by connecting them to the Local Area Network.

Through the LAN they were able to maneuver around the systems remotely.

“One employee namely Antony Rugut Korir – 33 years in the call center department, who was assisting the hackers to access the NTSA network.

Korir had connected a Local Area Network turtle gadget; a covert system administration and pentesting tool providing stealth remote access.”

All suspects have been arrested as investigations continue.

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Berryl Achieng
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