Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Two lovers die mysteriously at a lodging in Embakasi

Police have launched investigations into the mysterious death of two lovers at a lodging in Pipeline estate, Embakasi.

The two were found lying half naked holding each other following efforts by the room attendant who was enquiring as to why they had not checked out 14 hours later.

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“Two lovers were found dead yesterday afternoon at a lodging in Pipeline estate, Embakasi, in a mysterious incident that detectives are burning the midnight candle to unravel.

The two who were found half naked holding each other had been ushered into the facility by the room attendant, in the wee hours of yesterday morning. However, the room attendant Caroline Mbulwa, smelt a rat after the two failed to check out 14 hours later.

She walked towards the room as an eerie silence settled over the corridor usually humming with husky voices, punctuated by fits of laughter. Several knocks on the door yielded no response confirming Caroline‚Äôs fears, prompting her to inform her employer who called in detectives based at DCI Embakasi.” Said DCI

Police officers who arrived at the scene are still looking into the possibility as to whether they were dragged into the room or not.

“The officers broke into the room only to discover the lifeless bodies of two middle aged adults who could not be immediately identified. Preliminary investigations indicate that the two may have been drugged before getting into the room.

However, detectives are leaving nothing to chance. Forensic Crime Scene investigators processed the scene scientifically before handing over to the their homicide counterparts, who will undoubtedly unravel the murder mystery.” Said DCI

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