Two Marsabit Mp’s arrested over violence in the region

Two Members of Parliament from Marsabit County have been arrested on Monday morning for the offence of sitting violence in the area.

The two MP’s are Chanchu Ganya of North Horr and Ali Rasso of Saku. They have since been taken to the DCI headquarters in Nairobi for questioning.

The arrest comes after violence in the Northern part of the country claimed fourteen lives and living many displaced.

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Just last week Marsabit Governor Ali Mohamud and the two MP’s were grilled by DCI detectives in Embu in what was a way to find lead to the real perpetrators of the violence.

The three are strongly linked to the violence and the Government is doing all it can to bring anyone involved to book.

Mr. Ganya and Rasso are already poised to be arraigned to court to answer to charges of incitement of violence in their region.

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