Wednesday, July 28, 2021

UEFA reject Munich’s bid to light stadium with rainbow colors

Football governing body UEFA has rejected an application by the City of Munich to light up the stadium with rainbow colors in the Euro clash between Germany and Hungry.

The decision was reached following a law passed by Hungary lawmakers who were against the application saying it was not appropriate for minors to see content related to homosexuality.

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Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter read out the decision citing it was on political grounds but a majority of people viewed it as discrimination against the LGBT community and human rights group.

The Mayor continued by expressing his disappointment towards the German football federation for stepping in to offer a solution and offer support. Responding to the Mayor, the football governing body issued an alternative of lighting up the stadium after the clash.

The statement did not sink well with many who vowed to raise flags and light up other stadiums to send a clear message to Hungary

Last week, the Hungarian national government passed the bill against displaying LGBT content to minors, a debate that passed by 157 votes against 1. Only one lawmaker voted against it those from the opposition were absent.

UEFA has already approved an application by German captain Manuel Neur to wear the captain arm band with rainbow colors during the Euro 2020 clash.

Alex Kiprop
News Moto sports correspondent. Catch up the latest results when they happen and as they happen, locally and international

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