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Uganda news: Police attack Makerere University students

Uganda news: A Uganda Police video has revealed the force they used to attack Makerere University students at their hostel.

The students through their leaders first held a press conference to table their grievances but it was short-lived as a Uganda police video revealed how they were interrupted.

Media personnel was blocked from covering the news as the police took on the students at night causing serious damages.

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Many of the students have been admitted as the rooms laid broken objects from the night attack that was secretly filmed.

At one point media personnel were about to be whisked away by the police but team power rescued him from the armed contingent.

Opposition leader Bobi Wine aired his frustration as he shared a video of a student who was seriously injured in the process.

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More Uganda News

On Wednesday female students from Makerere University took to the streets to demonstrate a 15% increase in tuition fees.

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The increase has made things tough for some students as reported forcing some to drop out.

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Police officers arrived at the demonstration arresting them as claims of excessive force were also reported.

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