Uganda police accused of raiding an LGBT bar

Police in Uganda are reported to have arrested members of the LGBT community in the country on Sunday.

Around 120 gay people were arrested during an operation by police officers accusing them of frequenting a smoking place.

Ugandan police spokesman, however, denied police involvement in the operations in a bar that is well known for hosting parties on Sunday.

The government has also denied any connections of them trying to fight homosexuality in the country through every means possible.

Last month the government was to debt on introducing a death penalty on gay people in the country.

Simon Lokodo cited an increased number of students recruited in the vice in the name of they were born that way, something that he says is false.

The bill that is yet to be passed will also see those involved in recruiting people face criminal charges the same to those promoting it.

Other countries such as Brunei have introduced severe punishments to homosexual people including stoning to death.

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