Thursday, October 6, 2022

Uhuru cancels a date with Pope Francis over coronavirus

President Uhuru Kenyatta has canceled a diplomatic trip to Italy over the outbreak of coronavirus.

Also canceled by the President is a boarder meeting in Mombasa scheduled for Sunday to discuss matters security.

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It was the first time President Uhuru Kenyatta was meeting Pope Francis in Rome, Italy but since the country is hard hit with the virus.

Reports by Daily Nation say that a letter had already been sent to Italy to confirm his attendance.

An advance team had already left on March 2nd to plan his trip but due to the virus and lock downs, it was called off.

Currently, Pope Francis is under medical checkup too after he begun coughing after hanging several pilgrims at the Vatican.

Coronavirus impact in Italy

Italy is among other European countries to have had the worst cases of the virus with the numbers going up each and every day.

The government was forced to impose a lock down to control the spread and canceling major sporting and school events.

Residents could be heard singing from their balcony songs of hope and triumph against the virus.

Major businesses have also been closed with chemists running out of essentials including surgical masks.

Coronavirus situation in the country

Since the first case of coronavirus was announced in the country, the government through the ministry of health has been able to track down all those who came into contact with the victim.

Crucial meeting including the BBI was called off as the government controls the spread of the virus.

On Saturday Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho called for the immediate closure of all night clubs in the county for the next thirty days.

Places of worship were advised to ensure that sanitizers are properly placed for the worshipers to use.

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