Wednesday, July 28, 2021

UK revises boarder restrictions, bars travelers from Uganda

The United Kingdom (UK) has on Thursday implemented revised boarder restrictions that bar travelers from Uganda.

The review is as a result of scientific evidence that revealed that revealed the extent of community transmission of the COVID-19 variant forcing the UK to red list Uganda.

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Department of Transport will in the meantime issue other directives that are to be implemented on 29th June 2021.

The notice only allows British, Irish and third country nationals to enter the UK but they will have to quarantine a 10-day in a government center that wll also be available moving forward.

Members on diplomatic mission including officers, servants, representatives of international organizations including their families will be allowed to quarantine at a place of their choice for 10 days.

The measures are however temporary and under review from time to time as many other countries have been removed from the list after stepping up measures to combat the virus.

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