UK Supreme Court term PM parliament suspension unlawfull

The UK Supreme Court has declared PM Boris Johnson’s suspension of the parliament as unlawful.

Passing the ruling Lady Hale termed the move by the UK Prime Minister has a negative effect on the democracy.

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Boris Johnson had suspended the parliament for five weeks in the view that he was planning to align the government policies.

The move has however been criticized as a plan to divert the attention as he secretly plans a Brexit strategy.

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The UK Supreme Court further said the move hindered the Members of Parliament from carrying out their constitutional mandate.

Lady Hale in conjunction with other judges found the order null and void as they planned for their final verdict into the matter.

Receiving the news was Commons speaker John Bercow who called for an immediate recall of MP’s adding that the PM was found to have acted unlawfully.

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Those against Boris Johnson have welcomed the ruling describing the crucial moment the country is at in meeting the Brexit deadline.

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