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Is Vera Sidika playing the jilted lover card?

Otile brown seems to have royally pissed off his and Vera’s fans.

When Vera broke the news of how Otile used and dumped her, fans rallied to Otiles Instagram to hurl insults at the singer with many promising to boycott listening to his music. 


 Seeing the growing rate of hate and possible effect on his budding career, Otile has come out to explain that Vera did something to piss him off, something he wouldn’t let go off and frequent arguments that followed this, caused a rift on their already sinking relationship. He also cautions that Vera is out to tarnish his name after he dumped her


 Many Kenyans had mixed emotions on the relationship between Otile Brown and Vera Sidika. The musician and socialite seemed like an unlikely pair given Vera very expensive taste. Pessimists would argue she was financing him with hopefuls maintaining that she was ready to settle and give love a chance. Even after the confirmed break up, there are some who still think this is a publicity stunt. Please keep it here as we unveil the truth on this very public possibly messy relationship/breakup!

Slavian Mwangecho
Passionate blogger on a day to day activities happening in Kenya, Africa and around the world. A keen follower of the latest news making headlines around the world

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