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Victoria Kimani,Ignorant Jalangos deaf to Kenyan talent

As the debate intensifies on the need to play Kenyan music singer Victoria Kimani has referred to people who are deaf and dump to Kenyan music as ignorant Jalangos.

Taking into social media Victoria Kimani first expresses her disappointment in the fact that the debate on playing her Kenyan music is never listened if a woman speaks of it.

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She then continues by saying that a joint effort between her and DJ Poison Ivy have created a playlist of the top 50 favorite Kenyan songs.

“I’m glad to see that a few Kenyan eyes are finally open and I’m seeing a few people speaking on a topic that I have speaking for 5 years. Perhaps when a woman says the exact same thing as a man says it gets thrown under the table but when a man says it, it’s the word of God.

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Anyway my sister and I have created a list of top 50 favorite current Kenyan songs in no particular order. Support your own Kenya, Do it now. For the ignorant Jalangos that are deaf and dumb to Kenyan talent..” Said Victoria Kimani.

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