Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Vietnam confirms both the UK and India COVID-19 variant

Vietnam has confirmed existence of a new COVID-19 variant which is a combination of both the UK and India COVID-19 variant.

The variant that is deadly and spreads very fast through the air has hiked the number of cases in the country even after the government worked hard to contain the virus last year.

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Confirming the new variant was Health Minister Nguyen Thanh Long who termed it a hybrid of the two variant due to the combination. He continued by confirming that the variant is dangerous.

So far, existence of the combined variant has contributed to the new 47 deaths and 6,856 new cases of the virus as confirmed by the government.

World Health Organization (WHO) has so far identified four COVID-19 variants that is that from India, the UK, South Africa and Brazil. The world health body is yet to confirm the news on the situation in Vietnam.

Vietnam has already sourced a number of vaccines including 20 million dosses of Pfizer vaccine, 40 million dosses of Sputnik V from Russia and 10 million dosses of COVAX vaccine.

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