Monday, August 8, 2022

Violet Asela: suspect in death of KDF husband speaks

Violet Asela the prime suspect in the mysterious death of her husband who is a Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) officer revealed that it was the deceased who fattaly injured himself.

The 27-year-old upcoming artiste further revealed that it was in the middle of the argument when her husband Daniel Onyango complained of breathing difficulties before he started convulsing.

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Violet told the officers that Daniel tried to strangle her when she run out of the room and that she did not use any weapon whatsoever during the fight.

The couple are reported to have quarreled over a one-bedroom house rented by Violet Asela in Kasarani which uses in her music production. Daniel Onyango demanded to know who pays for it and who spend the night at the house.

Efforts by the wife to explain did not sink well with the husband who began an argument and even refused to take his supper.

An autopsy is set to be conducted on the KDF officer to reveal the cause of death as the prime suspect is also set to be arraigned in court on Tuesday to answer to murder charges.

Violet Asela and Daniel Onyango have three children as revealed by the Star with their last born who is four-years was present during the incident.

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