Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Visit Rwanda: PSG ink a deal with the East African country

Rwanda has inked a three year deal with French club Paris Saint Germain.

The French giants will promote the East African country through the famous visit Rwanda slogan.

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Rwanda is signing its second deal with a top club having signed the same one with EPL side Arsenal.

The deal between the two is said to have costed 44.4 million dollars and in return they received tourism revenue of up to 88 million dollars.

Rwanda Chief Executive in hcarge of development did not however reveal the cost of the deal but it is estimated to be worth Ksh 900 million.

In return, PSG will market its products through women’s kit and displaying products at the stadium.

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Alex Kiprop
Alex Kiprop
News Moto sports correspondent. Catch up the latest results when they happen and as they happen, locally and international

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