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Wajinga Nyinyi: King Kaka’s life in danger

Kenya singer and rapper King Kaka fears for his life following the release of his new hit dubbed Wajinga Nyinyi.

Following its release, the song has attracted a divided opinion among leaders with some saying it is not okay to trash talk top government officials.

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Taking on social media, King Kaka threatened to take down the video as he said he needed prayers and protection.

The allegation follows reports by various news agencies who reported to have been threatened and even escaped an assasination plan.

Wajinga Nyinyi took Kenya by storm as he boldly said things they were they are from the mouth of every citizen.

Among the issues highlighted include unemployment, corruption and poor governance which are the top killers of development in the government.

Fellow rappers and singers have praised him saying he truly has the courage to say things as they are.

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