Wajir Court frees two terror suspects on Ksh 3 million bond

A Wajir court has freed two suspects linked to the Wajir terror attack that 11 dead on a Ksh 3 million bond each.

Wajir Magistrate Amos Makoros was against the prosecution plea to have the two detained terming them as a flight risk.

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In his ruling, Judge Makoros said that the prosecution failed to prove that they were indeed flight risk adding that they were very well known people in the area.

He continued by saying that they have no previous criminal record thus no need to keep detaining them.

The prosecution team had earlier on linked the two with the terror group Al-Shabaab something was dismissed by the court.

As to whether they would interfere with witnesses once release, the court called for enough evidence to prove so.

The two were arrested following the December Wajir attack that left eleven people dead.

Eleven of the victims included police officers attached to the anti-stock department resuming their work.

Other victims were a teacher, a civilian and a doctor as six others survived the terror attack.

The case is expected to be heard again on February 3 as the accused have been granted fourteen days to appeal the ruling.

Mr. Musa Hussein Ramadhan and Sadiq Abdulahi were the driver and conductor of the Medina Bus involved in the attack.

The police believed to have some links to the attackers thus paving way for the raid.

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