Thursday, October 6, 2022

Wako describes the US ban as a little thing

Former Attorney General Amos Wako has on Wednesday described the US ban as a small thing as he defended himself.

Speaking from parliament, Wako clearly stated that the ban will not in any way affect his duty as a senator and a commissioner in the country.

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He continued by saying that he has not been interested in traveling to the US nor conduct business in the country.

The issue of his family receiving the ban came up as he said the ban should be against him and not his wife and son.

He strongly defended his son saying he has created his wealth in a legal way.t

Pompeo issued the ban notice on Monday citing significant corruption committed by the Senator, an issue that they have evidence about.

Wako has however challenged them to make the evidence public as he believes he is innocent and has not been mentioned in any graft charges since leaving the executive.

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