We share power equally with Governor Fernandes, Says Savula

Kakamega Deputy Governor Hon. Ayub Savula now claims that they share power equally with Governor Fernandes Barasa.

Speaking during a meeting, Savula noted that they have divided the county equally with one part being ruled by the Governor and the other half by himself. It is due to that, that Savulka refers to himself as co-governor and not the deputy governor.

“Don’t let anyone lie to you that Savula returned to deputyship, we have divided the county government and the government of Kakamega into two. Barasa has taken half and Savula has taken half,” 

“Constitutionally, Kakamega has ten ministries. Barasa amechukua ministries tano na mimi nimechukua tano. I am not a deputy governor, I am a co-governor,” said Savula

Savula continued by revealing how he was coerced into supporting Azimio candidate Hon. Fernandes following a dramatic attack by DCI detectives at his home.

“I have not mentioned it to anyone but today I will go public about it. It is the coercion from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) that forced me to support the Azimio coalition. They arrested me together with my two wives at night on fictitious charges,” said Savula

According to the Deputy Governor, the Kakamega Governor should keep his promise of sharing fifty-fifty as was their agreement before joining forces.

“I AM NOT A DEPUTY GOVERNOR. I AM CO GOVERNOR OF KAKAMEGA. That was our agreement. Just like president William Ruto promised Wetangula and Mudavadi 30% of government we see him living to that promise. In Azimio Fernandes Barasa and must keep our word. Fifty Fifty,” said Savula

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