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What men think about going down a woman’s private part

A good number of men have always been shy to go down a woman due to the smell from the private part but this is what men think about it.

The truth of the matter is there is nowhere in the world where one would buy such kind of odour from and it’s the world best scent one would ever come across.

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Going down a woman’s private part prohibits biting but rather require the use of the tongue and hands at the same time.

Rolling your tongue across the linings of a woman’s private parts, a man is encouraged to insert his fingers pushing back and forth touching its inner upper surface.

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In no time will a woman start mourning in pleasure and trust me, that is the best feeling any woman will expect from a man.

It is normal for some woman to be shy to allow any man to go down on them but things change slowly when they learn how satisfying the feeling is.

As for men, nothing makes a woman love them more than giving them the utmost pleasure by going down on a woman.

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