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Why Kenyan artist should feel challenged by Diamond Platinumz

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Let us first admit it that behind the scandals surrounding Diamond Platinumz that he definitely a hard worker.

Diamond rose from the days of Mbagala to now running a reputable Wasafi group that recently camped in Kenya sending the country into a frenzy.

From being a relationship with our very own Tanasha Donna Oketch, Diamond just built a brand for his artist in Kenya that is and will soon silence the once exciting in Kenya.

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So should the Kenyan artist be challenged by Diamond Platinumz events in Kenya? The answer is definitely yes.

Kenya has exceptionally talented artist like Sauti Sol and Nyashinski to name but a few who have done international events in special ways but what are our other artist doing to also be a brand not only in Kenya but also outside the country?

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Is it time for our Kenyan artist to think outside the box and take over other countries too especially in the East Africa and slowly the whole Africa? The answer is definitely yes.

In order to archive this Kenyan artist should definitely be smart enough and think of ways to stretch their wings if not alone then as a team.


To do so they can also partner with well-established media companies that will light up events in other countries and the other good thing we have a good president who I’m sure will all that it takes to see things happening.

Think of it this way, our artist come together and shake up international events, they then lift other artist to become brands of their own who later lift others, won’t it be the best country for artist to rise and earn big from it?

I think it’s about time that our artist take Diamond Platinumz performance in Kenya as a challenge so that they can go to other countries and do the same instead of crowding in the Kenyan market.

Slavian Mwangecho
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