Willy Paul surprises a lady with a brand new Mercedes Benz

Bora Uhai hit maker Willy Paul is trending after buying a brand new Mercedes Benz to unknown woman in the name of love.

In a short description Willy Paul who is seen leaning on the car says it’s because I love her I bought her this.

“Bcoz I love her,I bought her this!!Damn it’s December” said Willy Paul.

His fans were left guessing who the lady is with others mentioning Nandi the Tanzania princess.

Others called him out as an attention seeker who is doing a video shoot for his new project coming soon.

Recent allegations

Last month Willy Paul was being trolled on the internet after allegations of him taking Viagra which later had him hospitalized surfaced.

The drugs that were said to be stronger than other well-known Viagra’s saw him come out to clear the air during an interview with Mzazi WillY Tuva.

He denied the claims telling everyone that he loves them.

Domestic abuse claim

Before the allegations of him being hospitalized, a video made rounds in the internet where Willy Paul could be seen in a hot argument with a woman who he slapped in the parking lot.

He also came out denying being in the video as previously said.

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