Winnie Odinga on the spot after attacking lawyer Donald Kipkorir

Winnie Odinga, the daughter of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is trending online after attacking Azimio die hard and lawyer Donald Kipkorir.

The prominent lawyer had earlier called on the Azimio Presidential candidate Raila Odinga to stop crying for the country and that Kenya as a whole did not deserve his love and sacrife.

“Dearest Raila Odinga, tomorrow begins Presidency of H.E William Ruto. From the depths of my heart, I beseech you stop crying for us. Don’t look out for Kenya anymore. Your love was unrequited. We didn’t deserve your love & sacrifice. Let’s be with our foibles & chains.” Said Donald.

The utterances by the lawyer did not settle well with Winnie Odinga who called on Donald Kipkorir to shut up.

Her comment did not settle well with other Azimio die hards who accused Winnie Odinga of some of the shortfalls that befell the former Prime Minister.

“You should shut up yourself. Infact, shut the fk up! You think we don’t know your involvement in this campaign? You think we are afraid to tell everyone how you sabotaged your own father’s campaign? Ngoja ngombe wewe! We will! Give us a minute!” Said Lord Abraham Mutai

“Raila Odinga was betrayed by his close circle of friends and some members of his family like Winnie Odinga, their hubries,pride and chest thumbing costed us the Presidency. We should not even be hearing them talk again. Donald B Kipkorir was spot on.” Said Kalu Lepariyo

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