Woman charged with manslaughter following a miscarriage

A 27-year old woman from Birmingham Alabama has been charged with manslaughter following a miscarriage after she was shot in the stomach.

The last year December incident saw the five months pregnant Marshae Jones rushed to hospital but the shooting ended her pregnancy.

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Alabama police initially charged the shooter, 23-year old Ebony Jemison with manslaughter in what was a dispute between a woman and a father to be.

The charges against Jemison were later dropped by a grand jury that dismissed the case on grounds that he was acting in self-defense.

Things took a different turn on Wednesday when the grand jury charged Jones for manslaughter as the investigations showed the only victim was the unborn child.

The jury further said that it was Jones who initiated the fight which eventually ended the life of the unborn baby.

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The case has sparked huge criticism from abortion rights group who highlighted extreme laws in Alabama for criminalizing acts that go beyond abortion.

The rights group pointed to the fact that the shooter went free of the charges, then it what women of color go through in 2019.

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