Woman rescued after 15 years captivity in a cave

A local spiritual leader in Indonesia has been holding captive a woman for 15 years.

During the 15 years the man is said to have been raping her. Local police on Monday said that they found the 28 year old woman in a cave near Bajugan village in Indonesia Central Sulawesi Province.

Police men acted on a tip that the woman was being held by the 83 year old spiritual leader.

After investigation, they were able to locate the woman.

The 83 year old man popularly known as Jago took the woman when she was 13 years after her parents were looking for alternative medicine for her.

Later on Jago told the family that she had let her go.

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She was reported missing since then. During the interrogation, Jago is said to have been sexually assaulting the woman in pretense of magic or witchcraft.

Jago would then show her a photo of a man called Amrin who is said to be “jinni”. During sex Amrin is said to take over Jago’s body.

Jago has so far been charged for child abuse as per Children Protection Law and he is expected to face atleast 15 years in prison.

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