Zimbabwe set to sack 211 striking doctors

Zimbabwe is set for send packing about 211 doctors in the country who engaged in a national wide strike.

According to the public health service board, the doctors were found to have breached employment laws by being absent from duty for five or more days.

Another lot of about 500 doctors are set to face various disciplinary actions following their planned strike.

Some of the doctors from Zimbabwe said that they have faced intimidation from the government since they began demonstrating.

The doctors are said to be demanding for better wages as the ones they are receiving they say its barely enough to pay for their rent and food.

Currently, a Zimbabwean doctor is said to be receiving around 100 dollars per month which is way much lower compared to others in different countries.

The country has also been suffering from inflation as they try to control the flow of money in the economy to sustain everyone.

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