Zuku experiencing outage thus slow internet speed

Pay-TV Company Zuku is experiencing slow internet speeds following an undersea cable outage.

Zuku has however resolved to use alternative routes that are unable to handle the loads thus the slow speed.

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They have their teams on the grounds who are working on the problem at the moment.

“We have an outage on our main undersea cable. Our traffic is now on alternative routes.

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However, these cannot efficiently handle the load, and thus the slow speeds you’re experiencing.

Our provider is working to restore our main route in the shortest time possible. Kindly bear with us”

Zuku customers express dissatisfaction

Customers have expressed their frustration caused by the outage asking why the issue was not communicated immediately.

“My question to you guys is, why was this not communicated immediately you noticed the outage? You have our phone numbers and an SMS cost 0.008 and email costs nothing. You are driving us to Safaricom fiber” Said Mary Makau.

“Actually it’s been out since 12-1 am so they’re over 8hrs late. The most annoying thing is that they did not respond to questions & apparently their phones are off. Why not just communicate especially since they’re very quick to text about payments?” Said Oshun

Others are requesting an extra free day of service as they express how they have suffered during the eight hours of no internet.

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