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5-storey building collapses in Uthiru

A five storey building collapsed on Tuesday night in Uthiru near the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI).

First to confirm the incident was Red Cross who confirmed that they were on the way to the scene.

“In Uthiru, Nairobi County, a building has collapsed, response teams are en route to the scene.” said Red Cross

They continued by confirming that ten people with minor injuries had been attended to by their team and that one woman was rescued at the onset of the incident and rushed to the hospital by well wishers.

“Ten people with minor injuries have been attended to at the scene by the Red Cross Action Team.

One female, who was rescued at the onset of the incident, was taken to the hospital by well-wishers. Ten others were treated at the scene by the Red Cross Action team. As of now, all tenants have been accounted for.” they said

Nairobi City Council also confirmed the same incident saying that four people are missing. The four who include a nanny and two children from one household and a 10-year-old girl from another household.

As the time of the statement, a rescue team was at site with specialized equipment to ensure everyone is accounted for.

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