At least 22 people killed and dozen injured in Maine mass shooting

At least 22 people are feared and over 50 other injured following mass shooting in multiple locations in Lewiston, Maine.

Media reports confirmed that the shooting occurred in several locations including a bowling alley, restaurant and a bar thus the high number of confirmed deaths.

Immediately after the incident, police released the photo of one Robert R. Card who has been termed as the prime suspect as demonstrated from the photo. He could be seen carrying an automatic riffle as he moved around the same locations.

it has also been revealed that the 40-year-old is a trained firearm instructor and member of the U.S. Army reserve who has been struggling with mental illness of late.

“Card was also reported to have been committed to mental health facility for two weeks during summer 2023 and subsequently released,” read a notice from he Maine Information & Analysis Center.

Locals have been warned by the authorities to stay vigilant saying that the suspect is armed and dangerous. The police have also advised locals to stay indoors.

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