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Atwoli to Ahmednasir, you are more of a swindler than an advocate

It was lights off on X, formerly Twitter when COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli engaged in a war of words with Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi in regard to Brian Mwenda Njagi.

Lawyer Ahmednasir was first to pose the question what of a coincidence was it that Francis Atwoli and former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko are the squeaky supporters of the alleged quack lawyer.

“Is it mere coincidence that the most vociferous and squeaky supporters of Mr. Brian Mwenda are Gov Sonko and Dr Francis Atwoli, two Kenyans who left school at class 7?” said Grand Mullah

The question did not seat well with Atwoli who accused the Lawyer of allegedly forging his certificates so as to become who he is today.

“You should be proud of your twin because he represents your younger self. Like Brian, you, allegedly committed forgery by attaining a Certificate of Completion of Pupillage without attending pupillage as required by the Advocates Act. But you’ve risen to be a top advocate.” he said

He continued by raising concerns that Ahmednasir was more of a swindler than an Advocate, swindling billions from unsuspecting clients.

“My only concern is that you’ve become more of a swindler than an advocate. Swindling billions from clients: without reminding you where we disagreed on unjust demands of millions you had made at NSSF and of which I stopped.

What is LSK doing about rogue advocates like you? On the other hand, I have undertaken extensive studies on industrial relations and international labour standards. I have credentials from the ILO College of International Labour Studies in Turin, Italy and the George Mini Labour centre in Maryland, USA.

I am tried and tested with unmatched experience on labour issues, not just in the continent but globally.” he said

Following the revealtion of Brian Mwenda Njagi, several politicians have supported his hustle as they promised to carter for his education. Among the vocal names was Francis Atwoli and Mike Sonko.

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