Friday, July 19, 2024

Bus plunges into Mbagathi river killing several people

Several people are feared dead after a bus belonging to Naboka Sacco plunged into Mbagathi river near the Cooperative University of Kenya.

At the time of the accident, the bus was coming from Gataka when the driver lost control before veering off the road and into the river.

As at the time of publication, the police had rushed to the scene where they are overseeing the retrieval of the bodies.

Locals who were speaking at the scene accused traffic police of receiving bribe and allowing vehicles full to capacity to pass the road.

As at the time of the accident, the bus had excess passengers and lost its brakes as it climbed the steep hill.

Among those who died on the spot was the driver of the bus and it took the help of students from a nearby school who crossed the fence and into the river.

Police have now vowed to investigate the bribery claims and act swiftly if investigation confirm the allegations.

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