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Businessman Khalif Kairo exposed for selling a damaged Ford Mustang

Popular businessman Khalif Kairo has been exposed on social media for attempting to sell a damaged Ford Mustang from the UK for Ksh 8 million.

“Popular Kenyan car dealer Khalif Kairo under fire for attempting to sell a damaged Ford Mustang (5.0 V8 GT Fastback Euro 6 2dr) from the UK for Ksh8m but social media users searched the plate number of the car and found its history on British dealerships like AutoTrader and Car Vertical in the CAT (S) salvage category previously written off for structural blow to the chassis.” said Cyprian is Nyakundi

Taking on social media, Kairo admitted that they should have done better as a company to ensure that vehicles they import has any repair or damage history for that matter.

“About the Mustang post, again mistakes happen. We cannot possibly verify all cars before we post ju sisi hueka many cars a day. Hapo please forgive us for the small mistake and should you have enquired on the car. The mistake would still have been detected by quality. Apologies.” he said

He continued by blaming his enemies and blogger for pushing the news saying that they will never succeed.

“If Kaiandkaro was a small struggling company. Trust me we would not be fought this much. Take note no single customer has come to say that X and Y is true and Kairo is a scammer or he did Z. Ni bloggers tupu wanapush agenda.

They started saying i was in wash wash, didnt work. They said i launder money, didn’t stick. Now they realize the companies are actually doing pretty good so they wanna redirect the energy towards em. Again it won’t work.” he said

According to Kairo the news is just a challenge that he will pull through unlike in the past where he was naïve.

“The biggest mistake my old enemies make is assuming the’re dealing with old Kairo. Naive, immoral,young, not focused and a simp. New Kairo is a focused man who prays everyday , does 100 press ups and has God on his side. Indestructible and he now operates at a very high level.” he said

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