Monday, June 17, 2024

Coltan Deposits Discovered in Kenya

Kenya has found its first coltan deposits, a rare mineral used in electric car batteries and electronic devices. Minister Salim Mvurya confirmed the discovery, marking a big moment for Kenya’s economy.

The mineral is usually associated with the Democratic Republic of Congo, holding over 70% of global reserves and causing conflicts. Kenya’s six counties now have confirmed coltan reserves, with their size yet to be determined.

Residents in Embu County, one of the regions with coltan, are advised to keep their land for potential economic benefits. MP Nebart Muriuki stressed the importance of preserving land for the community.

The discovery is expected to boost Kenya’s global mining standing and create jobs. Currently, the mining sector contributes less than 1% to Kenya’s GDP but could increase to 10%, says the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Coltan transforms into metallic tantalum, vital for electronic devices. The international demand for it is growing rapidly, making it a sought-after global resource. With economic benefits and job opportunities, Kenya’s coltan reserves can reshape its economy and establish it as a major player in global mining.


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