Saturday, June 22, 2024

Court finds Jowie guilty of killing Monica Kimani

Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu the 1st respondent in the Monica Kimani murder case has been found guilty of the offense.

Issuing the judgment was High Court Judge Grace Nzioka who took the court on a blow to blow series of events that pins the 1st accused at the scene of crime.

The court through the witnesses aligned revealed that Jowie left the house and was wearing a maroon cap and a khaki short, and in his hand was bag which he eventually pulled out a white Kanzu which was the last cloth he was last seen wearing at the deceased’s house.

Even though the detectives failed to obtain the Kanzu, forensic evidence from materials burnt at the house revealed a white piece of clothing that could be the said Kanzu.

Questions were however raised on the change of attire by the deceased immediately after picking up the gun which was intended for one purpose only and that was to subdue Monica Kimani.

It was revealed before the court that the second accused, Jacque Maribe was not anywhere near the scene even though her phone was switched off. She told the court through her submission that it was true that she gave Jowie her car but she had no control as to where it will be driven to.

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