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Fuel prices in Tanzania rise by Ksh 27 due to dollar shortage

Tanzania has been hit by a Dollar shortage causing a rise in the price of fuel in the country by Ksh 27 representing a 17 increase.

The news was confirmed by  Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) Director General James Mwainyekule who said that the dollar shortage has affected importation cost thus the increase in price.

A liter of Petrol will now retail at Sh3,199 (Ksh.186.46) from Sh2,736 (Ksh.159) while Diesel has increased from Sh2,544 (Ksh.148) to Sh2,935 (Ksh.171). Kerosene is the inly product that reduced from Sh2,829 (Ksh164.89) to Sh2,668 (Ksh.155) a litre.

“Changes in prices of petroleum products in August 2023 are mainly due to challenges in the availability of US Dollars and changes in the fuel levy, prices of petroleum products in the world market, and premiums in the importation of petroleum products,”¬†said Director General James.

Just recently President Samia Suluhu noted that the country was experiencing an influx in tourists following unfavourable conditions in their neighbouring country.

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