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Husband of slain Kilifi County Chief Officer reveals postmortem results

Maxwell Mmera, the husband to slain Kilifi County Chief Officer of Blue Economy Rahab Karisa has revealed the cause of her wife’s death.

Taking on social media, Mmera revealed that his wife suffered a 13cn deep cut with a v cut which means that it was either a double stab or a stab and side pull which went straight to the arteries and part of the lungs.

“I got the post mortem results yesterday, that was unsurvivable done by someone who is a murderer- a 13cm deep inside at your back below the scapula with a v-cut (meaning either double stab, or stab and side pull, as per the pathologist), straight in to the artery and part of lungs.

You bled out of life on your bed in those ungodly hours, no amount of effort could have saved you babe – you died in sleep but painfully, that was barbaric, you had no chance not to even wake up and fight back, NO,” he said.

He was speaking as he wished Rahab Karisa a happy 31st birthday which she was to celebrate on Saturday 22nd July, 2023.

“22nd July, it’s your 31st birthday love Amani Rahab , and I planned to be in Kilifi today, but equally I am here now mourning instead of celebrating a birthday. So broken love, but on this day I can only pray for perpetual light to shine on you and may you sit on right side of the throne, God reward you for you for your unlimited kindness. Rest mama, rest, I love you wifey,” said Mmera.

The two were had started a family house project and had many plans for the future that would also secure their children as revealed by the husband.

The suspect of the barbaric act still remains at large as police launched a manhunt for her. Kilifi Governor Gideon Mung’aro has called on speedy arrest of the known suspect who should face the full force of the law.

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