I won’t behave to please the Deputy President, says Simba Arati

Kisii Governor Simba Arati has told off Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua over threats to withdraw security detail of Governors if they do not behave themselves.

“Huyo mwingine anasema governors must behave ndiposa mpate askari wenu. I don’t need police officers; hao wananchi ni askari wa kutosha. I’m not going to behave anytime soon to please the Deputy President,” said Governor Simba Arati

Speaking from his county, Arati called out the Deputy President over his remarks that the government had shareholders.

He called on the second in command that they accepted President William Ruto’s win and that he has the responsibility to unite the country and refrain from such utterances. Arati insisted that he will work with the President regardless of his affiliation with Azimio.

The Kisii Governor continued by saying that he does not need the security provided by the government but instead is contented with the security of the people he is currently serving.

“I am going to do what these people have sent me to do with my conscience. Tutaweza aje sisi magavana arobaini na saba eti magavana watano toa askari, nyang’anya wao bunduki…kwani nia yako ni gani?  Hatuhitaji hao askari; hiyo biashara ya kutishwa tishwa hatuwezi kubali.” he said.

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