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Israel-Palestine crisis is not healthy for fuel, says DP Gachagua

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has hinted at a change in fuel prices caused by the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

“Another crisis is manifesting around the Palestinians and Israel, and that is not healthy for fuel,” he said

The second in command was speaking during the Mount Kenya Golf Festival at the Nyeri Club where he once again reiterated that the current fuel prices are beyond the control of the government.

“Many people have accused the government of escalating the cost of fuel. No responsible government can do that.

And again if you check, the price of fuel here per liter is similar to the price per litre in Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda…and is the same everywhere,” said Gachagua

The Deputy President once again also ruled out plans to subsidize fuel saying that the government will have to raise taxes so as to cover for the payment.

“If we subsidize fuel today, we’ll have to collect that money from somewhere and we will have to add more we are saying we cannot subsidize fuel because that money will have to come from somebody, and that money would have to come from the taxpayer” say the DP

Gachagua also noted that the government is repaying loans taken by the previous regime, a repayment process that leaves less for development within the country.

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