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Kasarani police admitted in hospital after attack by motorist

A police officer based at Kasarani police station has been admitted at Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital after he was attacked a sword wielding motorist.

The Sunday incident which was captured on camera saw the police officer moving helplessly as the motorist descended on him with blows.

A report by the police reveals that the corporal was on duty at Mirema junction when he noticed the vehicle obstructing other road users and decided to confirm what was happening.

Upon seeing the police officer, the driver of the vehicle attempted to do a u turn but got the vehicle stuck allowing the police time to enter it. The officer then ordered the driver to take the vehicle to the police station.

It was during this period that the driver pulled out a sword forcing the police to dash out of the vehicle fearing for his life. At the time, the driver descended on him with blows and kicks before taking off with his phone as confirmed by the report.

It took the help of the public to rush the officer to Crestview Mother and Child Wellness Centre in Kasarani where he received first aid before he was transferred to Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital for further treatment.

At the time of publishing, the perpetrator is still at large.

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