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Nyamira teacher commits suicide after losing bet on aviator

A teacher at Nyamira Boys High School has committed suicide after losing a bet on aviator, a popular online game in the country.

According to the rules of the game, players place their bets and watch them multiply with the intention of cashing out before the plane crashes.

It has been confirmed that the teacher identified as Kelvin Omwenga placed a bet of Ksh 50,000 from his salary and when he lost the bet, he committed suicide inside his rental house.

Confirming the incident was Nyamira Township Assistant Chief Johnson Manyara who said that he received a report that a teacher had committed suicide and upon visiting the scene, he found his lifeless body.

He continued by saying that the wife to the deceased had recently travelled upcountry after delivery and to check on his ailing parents.

The school’s Principal George Onkundi confirmed that the deceased had been employed under the board of managers (BOM) and had worked with them for four years.

According to Mr. Okundi, at no point did his display any signs of distress but informed fellow teachers about his financial woes back at home. The teachers would in turn help him out.

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