Friday, July 19, 2024

President William Ruto secures jobs for Kenyans in Saudi Arabia

President William Ruto has confirmed that he has secured 350,000 job opportunities for Kenyans in Saudi Arabia.

Speaking on Sunday, the Head of State noted that he secured the jobs during his recent visit in the Middle East.

“During my trip to Saudi Arabia last week, they need 350,000 workers and say Kenyan workers are better than the others because they’re hardworking,” said the President

He continued by revealing another planned trip to Riyadh where he will sign labour agreement with the country that will see many Kenyans move there.

“We will soon sign a bilateral labour agreement with them in another three weeks,” said the President

President Ruto also hit back at his critics over the numerous trips he had undertaken saying that he has a responsibility for Kenyans to create opportunities for them.

“There are those who say I am flying out a lot, but they forget I’m the country’s chief ambassador and I have to look for job opportunities for Kenyans,” he said

The news comes at a time when Middle East countries have been blamed for mistreating foreigners especially Kenyans who end up dying under mysterious circumstances.

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