Monday, June 17, 2024

Raila terms CJ Koome’s meeting with Ruto irresponsible

ODM Party leader Raila Odinga has termed Monday’s meeting between CJ Martha Koome and President William Ruto irresponsible.

Speaking from Lamu county, the former Prime Minister noted that the meeting was a clear sign that the Judiciary was going to bed with the Executive on something that should have not have had a meeting in the first place.

He continued by saying that if there were to hold a meeting then it should have been done at a neutral place and not at State House where the President resides.

“State House is the home of the Executive. That is where the president resides. If there is going to be a dialogue over issues of governance, it should be held in a neutral ground,” he said

According to Raila, the Judiciary is now being held hostage the same way as witnessed during former President Moi’s era.

“The Judiciary is being held hostage by the Executive, and we’ve seen this before. We saw it happen under the rule of Mr. Moi, and we’ve tried to caution the current CJ not to go to bed with the Executive,” said Raila.

It is the prayer of the former Prime Minister that the rest of the Judges will not be compromised and that they will stay firm in their judgements.

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