Monday, June 17, 2024

Two gangsters terrorizing Kibra residents gunned down

Two notorious gangsters terrorizing residents of Kibra have been gunned down by DCI detectives from Kilimani.

“Two notorious gangsters that have been terrorizing locals in Kibra and its environs were earlier today gunned down in a fire exchange with Kilimani detectives, in a stealth operation that also saw a Beretta pistol recovered.

The suspects, only known by their aliases Rundo and Mulinyo, were stealthily pursued by the undercover sleuths after anonymous reports by concerned members of the public to DCI pointed at their felonious dealings in the populated area.” said DCI

During the operation, one of the suspects brandished his firearm shooting at the police before he was gunned down.

“Getting wind that a team of crime busters was hot on their heels, one of the miscreants brandished the firearm and started shooting indiscriminately at the officers. The wrong move prompted the ever-agile sleuths to respond with finality, fatally injuring the duo.

Six rounds of 9mm ammunition, seven spent cartridges and four bullet heads were recovered alongside the firearm, and the bodies removed to a city mortuary for identification.” said DCI

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