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22-year-old Jacinta Ouma arrested in Busia impersonating GSU officer

22-year-old Jacinta Maryline Ouma has been arrested in Bumala, Busia County collecting bribes and impersonating GSU officer.

At the time of her arrest, Jacinta was in the company of another male GSU officer who was in full regalia and an AK-47.

Her arrest follows suspicion from police officers who could not understand how she obtained the uniform and has been making visits in various police stations across Kisumu, Busia, Siaya and Kiambu counties.

“We suspected her while on duty at Bumala police and we had her arrested and we found a lot of pictures in her phone with a full GSU uniform and a firearm but she could not explain herself in which police station she was from. We had her arrested for the investigation to be done,” said one officer.

Appearing before Busia High Court, Jacinta pleaded guilty to the charges and even told the court that she acquired the uniform from Industrial Area and the gun from an officer for photo purposes.

‘I bought the uniform in the Industrial Area and I just wanted to put on the uniform so that people can know I am a police officer and I do not have a gun, I was only given by a police officer to take photos,” she said

She will now remain in custody for 21 days pending conclusion of investigation into the matter.

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